Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATI?

The Advanced Training Institute is a home education programme in which students of all ages can participate.  Our desire is to assist families in finding practical ways to make the Word of God the core of every area of their lives, including their education.  When God’s Word is the root of everything we do, say, and think, the resulting fruit is a life which reflects the character of Christ.

How did it Begin?

As a teenager, Bill Gothard was concerned about the wrong choices many of his classmates were making for their lives. He began to present Biblical principles to them through weekly meetings in his home, radio broadcasts, retreats, and other projects.

In 1961 Bill was ordained and commissioned by his church. Four years later, he was invited by the college from which he had graduated to teach a course in “Basic Youth Conflicts.”

The Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) was developed after fifteen years of working with youth in many settings, including high school campuses, church youth groups, and neighbourhood gangs. The course in Basic Youth Conflicts was later expanded into a weeklong Basic Seminar, which has now over 2.5 million alumni worldwide.

This Seminar presents seven non-optional, universal principles that apply to every person regardless of culture, race, religion, education, or social status. Topics include breaking destructive habits; conquering anger, guilt, and bitterness; restoring relationships; experiencing true freedom and happiness; and understanding why things happen.

Using the basic principles of Scripture as a foundation, the ATI programme offers an unprecedented series of educational, informational, and character development opportunities. The goal of ATI is to assist parents who are striving to train their sons and daughters to avoid the destructive pressures of our day and become part of giving the world a “new approach to life.”

Why should I consider enrolling in ATI?

The ATI programme is more than simply an academic curriculum – it is an entirely “new” way of life.  This way of life is based upon the Scripture, God’s Word, and the non-optional principles which are given to us in it.  The foundation upon which ATI is built is God’s Word and seeing life from His perspective – true wisdom. From the Scriptural foundation, students are then able to branch out into academics such as language, history, science, law, math, and medicine while learning to relate them to the teachings of Christ.

At ATINZ it is our sincere desire to assist and support our families in any way we can. One of the ways we seek to do this is by offering a support link for mothers via email.  Mothers have found this to be a wonderful source of helpful information, ideas, and inspiration.  We also provide monthly Home Superintendents’ Council meetings for fathers as an opportunity to meet together to provide fellowship, training and encouragement while viewing a video message. Family Coordinators are available to answer any questions that may arise and seek to assist families in any way they can. Further training and encouragement is also available each year for families at the week-long ATI NZ Training Conference in February as well as the mid-year Regional Training Seminars. Families find these times invaluable for giving them the encouragement they need to continue through the year with renewed vision as they seek to raise children who are mighty in God’s Spirit. Families who are interested in ATI are also welcome to attend either the ATI NZ Training Conference or a Regional Training Seminar as Guests.

ATI Training Centres in New Zealand and internationally offer a wide variety of ministry and training opportunities for students aged 15 and older. These include Children’s Seminars, Construction and Building Maintenance, Culinary Arts, Wholesome Food Preparation, Desktop Publishing, Effective Communication, Interior Design, Music, Photographic Studies, Computer Programming, Printing and Bindery, Teaching English as a Second Language, Upholstery, Engineering, Woodworking, Chalk Drawing, Counselling, Working with Troubled Youth, and more. These opportunities provide valuable life experiences in a nurturing environment that challenges and strengthens them in their personal walk with the Lord.

What is the curriculum like?

The basic ATI curriculum (as explained in the ATI Information and Application Booklet) is made up of 54 Wisdom Booklets, which each amplify a section of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount through practical instruction in linguistics, history, science, mathematics, law, and medicine.  The Scriptures are the foundation from which all the academic learning is taught.  The ATI family studies the curriculum together as a learning team using the Wisdom Booklet as the core.  The Parent Guide Planners help parents to amplify the Wisdom Booklet resources to the needs of each child.

For families who have younger children still learning the “basics,” a total phonics and foundational mathematics curriculum is provided.  The Christ-Centered Curriculum teaches the elementary speech sounds and the letters that represent them.  It not only teaches phonics and reading, but also penmanship, spelling, and grammar as a tool of reading comprehension.  The mathematics curriculum teaches principles of math covering number concepts (counting, number sequence, before/after, greater than/less than); addition/subtraction; fractions, time and money; with workbooks and many visual aids, laying down a solid foundation in mathematics. The beautiful thing about the Christ-Centered Curriculum is that it not only teaches children their foundations in academics, but also teaches them the foundations for their faith, and is truly Christ-Centered!

Are there any prerequisites?

Before you can enroll in ATINZ you will need to attend a Basic Seminar as it lays the foundations for parents to build upon as they train their children through the ATI programme. Attendance by both parents at the annual ATI NZ Training Conference (one-week) is also compulsory in your first year of enrollment.  Further information on these seminars can be found in the ATI Information Booklet.

What does it cost?

The annual tuition fee for enrollment in the Advanced Training Institute of New Zealand, in New Zealand dollars, is $200.00 per family.

Please contact us at for more information about enrollment.