How to be part of the ATI program (and information on the first year)

We are excited about your interest in the ATI program and the possibility of your joining thousands of other families who are taking part in this unique program. As you learn more about the program, we invite you to contact us if you have questions or would like to meet with an ATI representative.

How To Join ATI

1. Apply to ATI Preliminary.

The first year of ATI—ATI Preliminary—is designed to help your family easily transition into the ATI curriculum. The Information Booklet offers details about ATI’s educational philosophy and goals and gives an overview of the curriculum. Reviewing this information will help you discern if the ATI program is right for your family. You can begin the enrolment process by submitting the application with photos and a $25 processing fee to the Arahina office.

It is highly recommended that the parents and any family members 12 years plus watch the Basic Seminar (19hrs + Workbook) if at all possible prior to enrolment. If this is not possible, it may be completed as part of the first year schedule.

2. Present Tuition.

Once you are accepted into the ATI Preliminary program, the first-year tuition of $1100NZ will be requested. The tuition fee is for a calender year i.e. January to December. This covers the cost of the core curriculum, key resources, seminar rentals, support for all members of the family, and access to worldwide ministry opportunities for students and families.

3. View Seminars.

During the first year of ATI—ATI Preliminary—families will receive a three-month rental of each of the life-changing Basic, Advanced, and Anger Resolution Seminars, which give foundational teaching for the entire family. We feel that what attendees learn about resolving conflicts, training their children, and nurturing their home is foundational for participation in the ATI program, which began because seminar alumni wanted a tool for training their children in Biblical principles. By attending these seminars that have impacted more than 2.5 million alumni, you’ll gain an understanding of the foundation for the ATI curriculum.

Advanced Seminar – approx. 10hrs plus workbook.
Anger Resolution Seminar – approx. 9hrs plus workbook.
All seminars may be viewed as a home study, or larger group seminar situation for the purposes of ATI Enrolment.

4. Receive Training.

We ask new ATI families to view a series of admissions training videos. These messages provide an understanding of ATI’s goals and foundation and give examples of how to use the Wisdom Booklet curriculum with your family.
You will also have the opportunity to attend powerful conferences that provide challenging sessions for parents, practical training for older students, and special programs for children. Many families attend each year to receive encouragement and learn what is new within the ATI program and IBLP ministry. See the Conferences Page

5. Begin ATI!

Either by mail or at a training conference, you will receive your first-year curriculum, which includes the first four Wisdom Booklets for each member of your family. Additional resources provide practical instruction in using the ATI materials.
The goal in subsequent years is eight Wisdom Booklets per year.